Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!

Robin’s Light Writing is so much more then a photo blog. It’s adventures, stories, cultures, and history. I hope every post offers information or insight to the readers. Blogging is a great tool for sharing my work with others, and helps me understand it better myself. It’s an ongoing journal I can revisit and use to illuminate habits and practices.

In 2002 I took my first darkroom class and was hooked. To this day I love shooting black and white film, simultaneously recognizing the power and importance of digital, ergo the subject matter changes regularly. I received a B.A. in photo journalism from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2013 with an art minor. 

Each picture reflects me in some sense. Be it a beautiful landscape, a contrasty black and white, or the in-depth and continuous study of a subject. I hope you find these views into life as interesting and multi-layered as I do.

Questions? Comments? Interested in prints? Email me at robinslightwriting@gmail.com



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    • Thank you! It’s strange, sometimes to truly see the world around me I must look through a viewfinder.

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