L’éclaircissement of the forest

Above: Fog rises from trees as smoke from a fire, a forceful wind whisks away the previous night’s downpour. Taken at Mountain Lake on Orcas Island, Washington.  I learned a new French word the same day I took these pictures, and it fits perfectly. Éclaircissement: a clearing up of something obscure.  The dynamic and fluid scene changed rapidly. I struggled to find an element to incorporate into…

Tracks Diverge

Tracks diverge — one true, one to the right — distances diluted by Georgia’s morning fog.  Sky blends with river and birds take flight in anticipation of morning light.  Soon, sun cuts the clouds.

Sun streaks through smoke

A sunset on Orcas Island, Washington, illuminates smoke from a nearby campfire. I like how the qualities of the above photo mesh with the two following abstracts photos: grass floating in water. All three pictures have a smooth quality and share cool green tones. The sun streaks, a more literal picture, still offers plenty of room for the imagination to wander. In contrast the two grass pictures offer…

Sunset atop San Juan’s Mt. Constitution

Mt. Constitution sits atop Orcas Island and is the highest point in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Views on a clear day are spectacular! Washingtons’s Mount Baker is the prominent peak in the upper-right of this photo.

Scenery and a sandpiper

Above: The Eastern Alaska Range backdrops the Delta Clear Water, a spring-fed river in Interior Alaska. A small canoe can be seen in the lower third of the photo, The Delta Clearwater is an Interior Alaska river true to its name: clearwater. An early summer float trip provided astounding views and some small wildlife.

Moss on Mt. Rainier

Above: A small stream snakes through vibrant green moss on Mt. Rainier in Washington state. The picture reminds me how alive and diverse the mountain is, from the thunderous cracks and groans of enormous glaciers to the smallest bubbling stream sustaining a secluded ecosystem. The picture is a rough scan of color positive film, shot on Hasselblad.

Green Lake with full moon

Above: A full moon and city lights are reflected in Green Lake, a suburb of Seattle. April 13, 2014.  The weekly photo challenge is nighttime. A perfect opportunity to share a serene scene in a Seattle suburb. 

Angle Rocks in spring and fall

Above: Sun shines on a granite tor of Angle Rocks and trees in golden fall colors, to the right the Chena River snakes through a valley cast in shadows. September 11, 2014. Angle Rocks is almost assuredly the most popular hiking spot near Fairbanks. It’s a 3.5-mile loop in the Chena River State Recreation Area, about 45 miles from Fairbanks, that takes trekkers through…

Amsterdam Street Three

Final installment of Amsterdam street photography. As with the previous two posts canals and bicycles are prominent. Never have I seen the possibilities of street photography as in Amsterdam, The few I’ve shared don’t scratch the surface.  Amsterdam is a young town, with a energy and openness like none other.  Being from a small town I underestimate how fast scenes in cities  evolve, many times…

Amsterdam Street Part Two

Time to look at more pictures from Amsterdam, one of the best spots to people watch I’ve ever encountered.