Yukon Quest

The Quest is off an running. Each year the start alternates between Fairbanks and Whitehorse, this year it was in Fairbanks. Sadly, due to a very amateur mistake while I was attempting to shoot film at the start I only have a few digital files to work with. Thankfully it’s easy to shoot a lot of digital pictures very quickly, so I got some frames to work with. There’s lots of places to follow the Quest, my Extreme Alaska class is running a storify feed.

Marcelle Fressineau, a rookie from Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada comes out of the gate during the 2012 Yukon Quest.

Hugh Neff of Tok, Alaska, shoots out of the starting gate waving an Alaskan Flag on the Chena River during the 2012 Yukon Quest.


Alaska Highway Diptych

Alaska’s highways are often beautiful. And often terrifying. A diptych is two photos that attempt to tell a more complete story then just one. These two were taken just outside of anchorage on the Glenn Highway in early January, I wanted to capture a classic Alaskan view, and the feeling of impending death that often accompanies winter driving.

Glenn Highway, Jan 9th, 2012

Glenn Highway, Jan 9th, 2012

Gone too long.

It’s come to a point where I just need to make a post so I get back in the habit of posting. I have multiple projects to work on this semester, including photo stories for both photojournalism and Extreme Alaska, an online publication by UAF journalism students. In the meantime here are two photos from December 23, 2011 where I witnessed probably my first Menorah lighting for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

Eli Sturm lights the Menorah. 12/23/11


The Menorah burns. 12/23/11

Where Did It Go?

Thanks for stopping by, sorry there’s nothing to look at right now. Soon Robin’s Light Writing will be back and better then ever.